"TGB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ATVs, Scooters, Engines and related key components such as CVT’s and Differentials. TGB exports to more than 40 countries and produces everything from A-arms and Brakes to the design and development of their own Electronic Power Steering and EFI systems. TGB is recognized as a frequent winner of the ATV of the Year title in Europe and now when a lot of other manufacturers have decided to bail from the safety requirements for Australia, TGB is committed to providing a quality ATV at an affordable price while fully complying with the new ACCC safety regulations"



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Red Blade 520.jpg

Blade 520

Powerful, Reliable and Tough as Nails! These inherent traits are in the DNA of every TGB ATV. The full-size Blade 520 4x4 maybe our entry price model but there is nothing basic about this beast! With fully independent suspension, the ride and comfort of the more expensive brands and a market-leading power and performance are standard features to the new TGB range.


$ 9753.00


Blade 600SE-X EPS

The Flagship Blade 600SE-X EPS model is built on a rugged steel chassis featuring premium double ‘A’-arm front and rear independent suspension with extended travel for optimal comfort and handling. With class-leading features such as Tri-Mode EPS and 42 Horsepower EFI Engine. This is one good looking tough workhorse!


$ 13390.00

520 EPS_01.jpg

Blade 520 EPS

Whether you’re exploring new trails, hunting or putting in a hard days work, every TGB ATV will hold its own in the toughest conditions of Australia. The TGB Blade 520 EPS lives up to the expectations of the modern demands.


$ 10769.00

Blade 600SE.jpg

Blade 600 SE

2021 brings the new 600 series TGB ATV range to Australia. The 600 range is everything and more! If you need a tough ATV, but still want comfort, reliability and loads of features? Then the Blade 600SE is where you need to start. With extra horsepower and an awesome ride but at a fraction of the cost. This is a quality ATV and extremely great value for money.


$ 11599.00